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About Me

​​Visionary at EOS® company:


Do any of these sound like your team?

  • Lack of accountability

  • Missed deadlines and key deliverables

  • Ambiguity around roles and responsibilities

  • Direction and priorities unclear

  • Level 10 Meetings TM consistently rated below an 8


Are you trapped in the day-to-day, unable to do the

big things that will move your company forward?

Roger Scherping a Minneapolis EOS Integrator

I can be reached at or 651-247-1993
my LinkedIn page.

"I was an Integrator before the book was written SM."

I provide the benefits of an Integrator one day a week at companies that are not ready for a full-time Integrator.

Integrator at EOS® companies

In the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS), the Integrator helps the Visionary (owner) of a business achieve their vision for the company by:


  • Managing the Leadership Team

  • Creating and executing action plans

  • Developing metrics

  • Holding people accountable

  • Driving results



Here's a great explanation of what an Integrator does.

Here's why you need a strong Integrator.

Here's what to look for in an Integrator.

Hear me talk about the Integrator role on the From Paint to Purpose podcast.

My YouTube channel has more about Integrators.

Watch my appearances at Club Entrepreneur talking about EOS and Visionaries and Integrators.

You can review my Google reviews here.

Read more on my LinkedIn page.


Are you a Trapped Visionary?

Let me free you up to do what you do best, so that you
can move your company forward.

I can be reached at or 651-247-1993

or my LinkedIn page.

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