I'm Roger Scherping, and I have been an  Integrator, President, or General Manager at small companies in a variety of industries. I am based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Don't be a Trapped VisionaryTM! I can help.

My LinkedIn page is


I can be reached at roger@rogerscherping.com

or 651-247-1993.

EOS® Integrator

Fractional (part-time) Integrator/GM at EOS® companies

I provide the benefits of an Integrator/GM one day a week at companies that aren't ready for a full-time Integrator.

In the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), the Integrator helps the Visionary (owner) of a business achieve

his/her vision for the company by:


  • Managing the Leadership Team

  • Creating and executing action plans

  • Developing metrics

  • Holding people accountable

  • Driving results

Here's a great explanation of what an Integrator does.

      And here's a link to my YouTube channel, with more on Integrators.

Why I am an Integrator

My unique background in finance, marketing, and operations makes me a very capable Integrator.

                      Here's a link to my outstanding Google reviews


My background in finance, marketing and operations which has helped me:

  • Relaunch a declining consumer brand with a powerful new market position and logo

  • Acquire our largest competitor and increase sales 50%

  • Achieve ISO9001-2000 international quality certification

  • Improve on-time delivery from 72% to 96%

  • Drive the turnaround of a struggling importer and increase its annual sales 200%

  • Reposition a struggling subsidiary with an entirely new business model in a different industry.


Visionary looking for an Integrator?

"I was an Integrator
before the book was writtenSM."