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Five Signs Your L10 Meetings Need Help

How good are your L10’s™? Are you solving three to seven Issues every week with an engaged Leadership Team that communicates openly and honestly? No? Well, here are 5 signs that you could be getting much more out of your L10 meetings:

1. There is no accountability among your team members. Maybe you have no Rocks that the team members are working on, or there is no concern expressed when To Dos do not get done.

2. Your Scorecard is incomplete, not comprehensive, or not very effective at communicating what happened the prior week.

3. You have no Issues! Your team does not generate any Issues to discuss together during what is the most important part of your L10.

4. Your Visionary dominates every conversation, or the team members wait for the Visionary to make their opinion clear before speaking up, always in agreement. Team members do not feel that they can speak openly and honestly.

5. You do not understand how to IDS™. You do not have clarity around what the Issue really is. You do not move purposefully through the stages: Identify – Discuss – Solve. Perhaps you move on to the next Issue without clearly solving the first Issue and creating To Dos for follow up, you unknowingly switch to another Issue, or you conflate two Issues. As a result, you don’t solve any problems! There is lots of discussing but no solving.

If any of these sound familiar, your L10 meetings may be nothing more than loosely run staff meetings, with none of the benefits of a well-run L10.

An effective L10 should include:

· Three to seven Issues solved

· Effective use of the IDS process

· Demonstrated team member accountability

· An energized team

· Better decision making

· A rating of 9 or 10!

If that does not sound like your L10 meetings, reach out to me. I have been a fractional Integrator for five years and have run hundreds of L10s for my clients in a variety of industries. I have helped them reach their goals, starting with holding more effective L10 meetings. I can be reached at or 651-247-1993 or my LinkedIn page.

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