Get more out of your L10 meetings™:

  • Solve more Issues
  • Master the IDS™ process
  • Increase accountability
  • Improve productivity
  • Rate every meeting a 9 or 10!

What is an L10 Ninja?
I have been a fractional Integrator for five years, I have managed small companies, and I have extensive EOS
experience. I have run hundreds of L10s for my clients in a variety of industries and helped them succeed with more effective L10 meetings.

What does an L10 Ninja do?

I will run your Leadership Team L10 meetings and make them more productive than ever before. You will see more Issues solved, increased accountability, greater efficiency, and better teamwork. Beyond simply facilitating, I will also bring my 20 years of experience running small companies to help your team solve problems.

What else can an L10 Ninja do for me?

  • I can run departmental L10 meetings to push EOS further down through your company. Your departmental teams will learn how to solve problems and start working ON the business.

  • I can coach your Integrator in all aspects of being a more effective Integrator, including the secrets of effective IDS-ing, a skill that cannot be learned simply by reading Traction™.

I look forward to discussing how I can help you as your L10 Ninja!  
Email or 651-247-1993 or my LinkedIn page.

Adam, Executive Director: “Since Roger began running our L10s, he has literally transformed them. We used to just have lots of discussions, but now we find solutions. We have increased accountability and engagement. Roger pushed L10s down through our organization, and that structure got our teams working ON the business."

Jason, President: “Before Roger we used to talk about a lot of things, but now we actually do the things that really move our company forward.”

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